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A Foundational Year at BC Rent Bank

June 27, 2023

Impact Report 2022 2023

BC Rent Bank is pleased to present our 2022-2023 Impact Report!

The report captures the key developments of the project, the invaluable ways that our partners have supported renters, and illustrates the challenging, but remarkable year we’ve experienced. We want to give our thanks to iilo Creative Alliance for their work on this report. 

We take great joy in commemorating milestones and achievements throughout our journey. Some of the highlights from this past year include:

  • $1.51 m in funding given to 2,270 renters in BC to support housing
  • 31% increase of rent bank loans compared to 2021–2022
  • $3.42 m in year-end funding from the Government of BC
  • Renewed funding of over $7 m from the Government of BC starting in 2024

While we celebrate the achievements, we also recognize that renters are facing unprecedented challenges in maintaining their housing. To address these needs, we seek to find creative and innovative solutions, seeking partnerships with locally operated rent banks to ensure a strong connection to the community – and whose compassionate staff remain solutions-oriented in their response. We commend all of the rent bank staff for their tremendous work this year!

For more information about BC Rent Bank and how we are working with the communities – email us at

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