Welcome to BC Rent Bank

Regardless of where you live in the province, you can access a rent bank and its support services to help stabilize your rental housing during unanticipated short-term financial challenges.

Our mandate is to support the funding of existing rent banks, provide support and seed funding for the establishment of new rent banks, and to create the infrastructure necessary to support a province-wide rent bank service.

BC Rent Bank is a project of the Vancity Community Foundation, funded by the Province of B.C.

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What is a Rent bank?

A rent bank is a housing stability and homelessness prevention resource that offers interest-free financial assistance, advice and a friendly face to help low-to-moderate income renters get through difficult times.

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How Do I Apply?

Seeking rent bank assistance? Find a rent bank in your community to learn more. Don’t have a rent bank in your community yet? Contact us to find out more.

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Find A Rent Bank

The main goal - keep people from becoming homeless due to an unforeseen life event.

News Releases

Rent banks have a rich history of helping people in crisis. Read more about past rent bank stories and stay current on the development of BC Rent Bank.

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