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BC Rent Bank Releases 2021/22 Impact Report

June 3, 2022

BC Rent Bank is pleased to present our 2021-22 Impact Report. This report tells the story of BC
Rent Bank and our rent bank partners over the past year, and the critical role rent banks have
played in improving housing stability for renters across the province.

BC Rent Bank is delighted to have welcomed so many new partners over the years: charitable
organizations willing to take on new programming despite a global pandemic; municipalities that
are willing to invest in this work; and, many new donors that see the value of rent banks in their
communities, to ensure residents maintain their housing during an emergency or crisis. And, we
appreciate the ongoing support of the Province of BC.

As we wrap up the initial phase of the project and look to the future – which we reflect upon in this
report – we know that there is still much more work to be done to support housing stability in BC.
We’re just getting started.

For more information on how BC Rent Bank is working with communities and renters to help
folks retain their housing when times get tough, email us at or call us at
(604) 877-8453.