Rent Bank Loan
Description: Helps people meet urgent needs for housing (rent, utilities, deposits)
Maximum Loan Amount Available: Up to $2500/loan; maximum $500 for utilities (gas, hydro)
Repayment Terms: Interest free; repayable over 6 – 24 months
Eligibility Criteria: Review Loan Criteria

Image of steps describing application process, green and black

To start the pre-assessment, search for the city where you live, and click on the button. If you are moving, select the city where you plan to live.

If your city is not listed or you do not qualify for a rent bank loan, please visit BC Housing’s website for more information on other rental assistance options that may be available to you.

If you want to talk to someone about a rent bank loan, contact your local rent bank here.

The main goal is to keep housed people from becoming homeless due to an unforeseen life event.