About BC Rent Bank

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Since 2019, BC Rent Bank has been working to:

  • Support the funding of existing rent banks;
  • Provide support and seed funding for the establishment of new rent banks in BC; and,
  • Create the infrastructure necessary to support a potential future province-wide rent bank system or service.

Regardless of where you live in the province, you can access a rent bank and its support services to help stabilize your rental housing during unanticipated short-term financial challenges.

BC Rent Bank does not work directly with tenants or administer loans. We understand that communities across the province are unique and that’s the reason we partner with community-based agencies or local non-profit organizations to deliver services and operate local rent banks in the communities where they are already embedded.

Each rent bank provides financial and support services to tenants in specific regions of the province. All financial assistance is paid directly to the landlord or utility company by the local rent bank.

BC Rent Bank is a funding partner to support community-based rent banks. Other investors are needed to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of rent banks in local communities. Investors include landlords and housing management companies, various levels of government, foundations with an interest in housing stability, businesses, financial institutions, community organizations and individual donors.

BC Rent Bank is a project of Vancity Community Foundation, funded by the Province of B.C.

Steering Committee

A Steering Committee acts in an advisory capacity for BC Rent Bank. The Steering Committee is a diverse group of stakeholders whose range of expertise in their fields offers valuable perspectives of landlords and tenants. Solutions for renters require that all stakeholders – tenants, landlords, regulators, investors, service providers and developers – are talking together for a greater understanding of the challenges that all parties face.

Steering Committee members:

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BC Rent Bank is pleased to partner with a great number of organizations that are offering rent bank services in their community!

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The main goal is to keep housed people from becoming homeless due to an unforeseen life event.