We are excited to share with rent bank case managers that we are starting our planning for our next pieces of technical development work to improve our CMS.

We want your feedback and input into how we prioritize our upcoming work, so please review the following list and choose a score rating from “Very important” to “Not important” to let us know which items are priority for you and to support our decision making about which tasks to tackle first.

Please note that we developed this list based on feedback from tickets and case managers.

Deadline to submit: Friday April 29th 2022

Very importantImportantNeutralNot importantWhat is this?
Adding a file or case number to each case
Fixing the error messages on the pre-assessment form so that users are more clear about when they encounter errors
Improving navigation going back and forth between the various tabs on the dashboard
Adding the ability to create a custom date for when pre-assessments were added to the CMS (especially relevant when inputting a backlog of pre-assessments)
Editing pre-assessments without needing to go to a new page to edit (more friendly user experience)
Adding some kind of indication or notification that a file has not had action for x period of time (could be days, or weeks, we can decide together)
Receiving a notification when you as a case manager has been assigned to a case
Reporting: Adding assessment statuses in the Case status visualization
Reporting: Adding supplemental services data to the reporting feature
Reporting: Adding commas to large numbers in the charts (ie. $1,495 vs. $1495)
Reporting: Changing export button titles to be easier to understand
Reporting: Adding percentage columns missing on the following charts: Living Situation & Amount of Funds Distributed
Reporting: Removing the time in the date stamp in date fields in the CSV export (ie. show dates but not times)