Impact Story – Brad

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Building Resilience as a Father: Navigating Storms with the Aid of Rent Banks | Brad still remembers the day his landlord told him he sold the house he had been renting for years in Cumberland. … Read More

Impact Story – Ray

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Rent banks are helping residents find and keep housing in a tight Kootenays rental market June 2022 | It was one year ago – last summer – when the first rent bank arrived in the … Read More

Impact Story – Cynthia

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​​Financial solutions led by empathy, compassion, and trauma-informed approaches Cynthia* was in crisis when she contacted BC Rent Bank. She was suffering from serious injuries inflicted by her estranged parent, who has since been jailed … Read More

Impact Story – Paula

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Huge hearts, helping hands Paula’s positivity and optimism is contagious. She is just finishing up a four-month gig at a big box retailer, sterilizing and cleaning shopping carts and baskets as part of COVID-19 safety … Read More

Impact Story – Luz

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Help for a senior caregiverFinding available resources At 76 years old, Luz Lopez Dee can vouch for the impact that a rent bank loan can have— because those loans have kept the roof over her … Read More

Impact Story – Blair

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A photo of Blair with his dog

Building bridges, community and inclusionWraparound services, like a meal, are part of the continuum in housing stability Blair Oughton has known Jane Njogu for about two years but, since the pandemic hit, she’s played a … Read More

Impact Story – Carl

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A winding road to healthAnd the challenges of staying housed Carl Pendleton has a new lease on life. He’s on the other side of leukemia and a life-saving bone marrow transplant for which he had … Read More